— Our Strategic Business Investments and Group of Companies

mobile and it Distribution

The Major Wing of our Business, with distributions of Major Brands such as Apple, Dell, Samsung, Xiaomi, HP, etc. and having represented Nokia, HTC and Blackberry during peak market dominance.

Service and repair

Having represented a plethora of multinational brands, we keep Service at a forefront of our companies to maintain satisfied customers. We have dedicated Service Centers in most of the countries we are present in.


Although at core being a trading house, Bhimsaria Group has evolved swiftly and successfully into Manufacturing as well. Cement, Babycare and Furnishing are some areas of Manufacturing we are in.

banking and insurance

Bhimsaria Group has a part in Nepal’s Core Banks namely Global IME Bank, Civil Bank and Prabhu Bank along with insurance companies such as Asian Life Insurance and Sanima Life Insurance.


Nepal is at the forefront of Hydropower as it’s primary source of energy. Looking at this opportunity for infrastructural growth for Nepal – we have invested in Sanima Mai Hydropower (22MW), Mai Cascade (7MW), and Balephi Hydrpower (36MW).


Bhimsaria Group has a few other investments in Real Estate, Tourism (Annapurna Cable Car – Pokhara), and Logistics (Transecure Telematics – Shipment ECTS from India to Nepal).

That's How We Do It

Our Process

1. Idea

2. planning

3. invest

4. Development

5. Result